Hurricane Season is Here. Are you prepared?

The NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) is predicting that the Atlantic could see another above-normal hurricane season this year. It's NEVER too early to prepare! 

Make a checklist and address items one at a time. And if you were thinking about a FLOOD policy, remember that FEMA has a 30 day wait, so if you are close to a floodplain to discuss options ASAP. 

See below for a list of tips you can use NOW:



1) If you know a storm is coming, turn your refrigerators to lower temperatures so that they stay cooler during power outages.
2) If you suffer damages, move quickly to MITIGATE them. Just make sure to take photos and don't throw away debris until you speak to a claims rep. Insurance companies and cleanup crews will be spread thin. Be prepared. Look up phone #'s for clean-up companies in your area and have them handy.
3) Check that your prescriptions are filled and check your first aid kit.
4) Keep some cash handy in the house.
5) Store some drinking water
6) If you have well/septic, fill at least one bath tub with water and have buckets handy to flush your toilets
7) Check flashlights and radios!
8) Keep your vehicles filled with fuel.
9) Speak to neighbors. Discuss plans to assist each other. Have a plan to help each other in advance.
10) Take a look at your property. Do you keep a lot of belongings outside that can blow around and cause damages or injury? Try to bring all belongings indoors and if that is not possible, tie down as much as you can.  
11) Candles come in handy, but we don't recommend them. Battery powered lanterns and flashlights are safer, but if you do use candles, be careful and make sure you have a fire extinguisher that works in a place that is easy to find.
12) Keep cell phones charged before a storm.  
13) Do you have a sump pump? if so, do you have a battery back-up or generator? They also have pumps that run on water when the power is out. Talk to a licensed plumber for more info on ways to prepare. If you cannot  purchase generators and/or battery backup systems for your sump pump, talk to neighbors to see who might have one to share if things get really bad. 

14) Make sure you know your Allstate login and password! You may need to communicate about a claim through the website if there are issues with phones.
Please note, during the last few storms our agency lost power as well, but I have a generator at my home with an internet phone system, so if my agency is without power I will still be reachable. (provided FIOS is not down) However, I am one person, so if you can't get through to me and need assistance, call 1-800-54STORM  or  1-800-Allstate as they typically "staff up" and have a catastrophe team ready to help.

We are ready to serve you the best we can, but preparation is MOST important in times like these so PLEASE take every precaution. 

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